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    Default Yet Another Credit Card Scam

    Hi all,

    Just in today->

    A global credit card scam is thought to be operating out of South Auckland.

    Police have discovered fake credit cards are being distributed from somewhere in the region.

    The cards are sent out after people log on to global-goldcard.com and send away $200. They are delivered cards which do not work.

    When the person contacts the administrator, they are told they have been identified as a criminal, and that the money has been donated to charity.

    National E-Crime Manager Maarten Kleintjes believes South Auckland is just one link in the chain.

    He says the website is based in China which probably means it is part of a global organised crime syndicate.

    Mr Kleintjes says it staggers him to think people actually fall for the scam. He advises people to check with their bank to see whether it is legal before signing up for any similar schemes.

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    Similarly, operating out of South Auckland, is a scam that does the rounds every few years, offering cheap car registrations ($40 or less in some cases for a years rego)

    I'm amazed at the number of people who fall for these scams.

    In some parts of NZ there is little or no financial education.


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