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    Default Ask Tudor your questions about Romania

    You can ask your questions here.

    I came back to native Romania in september 2008.

    I remember communist times.

    I remember when villas in Primaverii where $10.000 because nobody had $10.000 in cash. I remember money exchangers on the streets and I remember when the $20 bill was considered huge.

    I remember the times when they had no customs duty for imported cars ( up to september '94 ). A simple paper on the car was drawing flocks of curious and most probably a customer, since day 1st.

    I remember when Coca-Cola entered Romania.

    I remember when they had no photo on the driver's licence in Canada. In fact, they had no driver's abstract in Quebec. And I remember when a relative bought a 4 flat apartment for $19.000 in Montreal.

    If you have questions, ask them here.


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