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    Most smart money is out of Atlanta now. The funds drove prices up in the last 6 months and Blackstone bought out some large players recently. Values will fall there in due course most likely.

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    No one has a crystal ball but I am very confidence in my US properties in both Atlanta and Memphis, than I am with stocks, or even my NZ properties. Don't take my words for it. Do your own research in the different property markets.

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    Jun 2013
    Memphis TN


    I think almost all US markets are headed for more trouble. Memphis and Kansas are possible exceptions as they have had no real boom. But Atlanta is pretty scary. Hope it goes well for you but be careful. It's definitely in an early bubble thanks to the funds.

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    As much as I like investing in Memphis, I cannot say that it is bullet proof, nor can I say that about any property market. The world economy relies on cheap money far too much, and I really don't think it's sustainable. The current system favors borrowers and punishes savers. But that's another topic in and of itself.

    Regardless, if there is a “bullet proof” market out there, Memphis won't be the only one. Plus, not all property booms will end badly. The fundamentals of a particular marketplace are what make an investment good in the long-term. With Atlanta, there are a number of fundamentals in its favor:
    • It’s the ninth largest city in America in terms of population
    • It’s the sixth largest city in American in terms of economy
    • It hosts the headquarters of ten different Fortune 500 companies, which is the most in the South
    • Atlanta’s airport has been the world’s busiest airport for 13 years straight

    Generally, Atlanta is well-diversified as a city as it doesn’t rely on just a few businesses or one particular industry, meaning it can sustain upheavals across a few different markets. Considering all of these factors, it has a much higher upside than downside.

    Granted, investors are leading the current property boom, but that is true across most of America, including Memphis. I think all of the current signals indicate that this trend won’t last because it will transition to homeowners, though, rather than facing another bust.


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