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    Exclamation Canterbury Property Investors Association Tonight AGM, Elections, National President

    We have heard that there will be proper elections tonight at the AGM of the Canterbury Property Investors Association. These will be for the president and for the executive committee. There might also be a lively discussion about the guardian committee. Straight after the AGM the national president Martin Evans will be talking about the new RTA and other interesting things that are going on. If you are a member and you think that change is needed or you just want to have your say then why not come along.
    7.30 pm
    Papanui Club, 310 Sawyers Arms Rd, Harewood.

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    We couldn't make it last night in the rain. What happened? Did anyone go?

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    Hi again everyone - didn't anybody go to the AGM? I found a thread about the CPIA


    it seems to be oldfashioned - is that why nobody went?

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    Hi all,
    can any Christchurch folk recommend a really good accountant, hopefully doesn't charge a fortune (working-from-home rates would be great!) and knows a bit about property tax. Setting up an LAQC myself, and looking for somebody to do annual company returns for me.

    Any advice gratefully received.



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