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    Cool David Hows is back with Realestateinvestar.co.nz

    Yep, despite the .co.nz it appears that investar is focussed on Aussies with a side dish of NZ.
    But I might have that wrong... after all why did this kiwi get the email?
    Looking for your next investment property? Want access to opportunities that are so valuable they don't even make it to realestate.com.au? Need help finding an investment opportunity to fit your portfolio?

    Many of our members have said they want help finding profitable investment properties. To give you what you want, we've partnered with the Positive Real Estate Investor Agency (Australia's #1 Buyer's Agency for Investors) to give all Real Estate Investor subscribers pre-release access to the latest investment opportunities.

    Each month they will present the investment opportunities they have found and negotiated. If you are too busy, or don't have the expertise, then this is an ideal way for you to grow your portfolio. The Priority Property Access Group will give you priority access to:

    * Properties up to 20% below market valuation – this means instant equity for your portfolio
    * High yields of up to 10%
    * High capital growth
    * Positive cashflow property
    * Off-the-plan and newly completed opportunities
    * Townhouses and units
    * NSW and QLD
    This makes me laugh
    Free Online Webinar and Toll free Conference

    Special $199 giveaway promotion.
    It's Richmastery all over again - giving away freebies but claiming there is a value. Finding properties, getting into training. Seems there's nothing new under the sun.
    Wealth vs Health - why have both when you can gorge on one?

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    whats with the spelling? investar?

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    Hmmm I think he would have done better getting a domain name that people won't have spelling issues with.

    Plus anyone who is even mildly dyslectic like me would find that domain name hell to type into a web browser after hearing about it.

    He will need to really "link up" on other sites so people just need to click his link not remember it.


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    An Aussie initiative that David is rolling out here too by the look of it. Should watch the Spamming - it is so easy to report spam here in NZ.

    Interesting this logo on their website looks a lot like Kieran's SuburbWatch.


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    I notice that access to their listings will be "limited to 1% of investors".

    To find out why, you are supposed to attend (?) the webinar, but my guess is that it is to create a scarcity mentality enabling them to charge more for publicly available information (real estate listings!)


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    Hello NZ Investors...

    Over the past 15 months the company has used programmers from 9 different countries along with its own IT development team of 8 people to build the world's first intelligent search engine for property investors.

    Investar Search provides a comprehensive range of data filters and key word search tools that are superior to any other real estate listing site. Investar Search's dashboard has 25 search filters and in each property result it displays 14 additional statistics and links to resources that provide investors with the ability to assess and analyse each property.

    Investar Search was first trialled in a pilot programme with 300 trial users from Dec 08 to Feb 09. Personal feedback from 150 users was used to develop Investar Search version 2 which went public in Australia in May 2008 and now has about 660,000 Australian listings (number changes weekly). Investor Search has continued to develop and went live in NZ in mid September with 151,000 NZ listings.

    Standard real estate sites don't have the investment searching filters and much of the data we provide is normally sold by other data sites.

    Our members spend minutes instead of hours finding great new deals each week. We are an independent niche membership site and prefer to provide exclusive services for property investors and developers than free tools to the general population.

    Feel free to book for 1 of our free 1 hour webinar demo's through our website. You need to see it to beleive it. It is now simple for investors to find hundreds (somtimes thousands) of live deals a week under the categories of renovation, development, subdivision, positive cashflow, off the plan, discount and others.

    Our marketing and services are based on honest facts, satisfaction based guarantees, personal service.

    The Top 200 High Yeilding suburbs report sells on our website for $199. This is real. Residex in Australia sells the top 100 for $275 as a comparison.

    I am not going to comment on Richmastery. The fact that I made the decision to leave that profitable business relationship 4 years ago speaks for itself and I am just not intested in online slanging matches (which I why this is my first forum post for a long time).

    The Investar Search servers run 24/7 downloading 800,000 listings every 1-4 days. We mix data from 17 other sources and display them in the results. 20-30% of people who watch a webinar become members, so I think we are providing valuable relevent tools to the people we serve.

    We don't sell real estate and we don't serve advertisers. We are a membership focused site and are creating niche tools for investors.

    We chose "Real Estate Investar" and "Investar Search" as our brands because the domains were all available in the countries we wanted and "Invest Star" was a quirky twist we thought was a bit different to Real Estate Investor (our prior digital magazine brand).

    We have a couple of hundred customers using our full suite of tools already. We limit membership to 1% of investors, because our sole purpose is to create tools that give our members an advantage over 99% of the market.

    We use NZ census data and the Australian Bureau of Stats to calculate the 1%. It is approximately 6% of the population and we are many years away from even getting close to the 1%.

    Anyone can register for a free trial or webinar at www.realestateinvestar.co.nz When our new members join, we don't even process membership payments for the first 7 days to ensure they are fully satisfied.

    You don't have disputes over refunds if you have not taken someones money to start with.

    We have another 30+ features scheduled for development over the next few months and our tools will just keep evolving.

    In regard to using a magnifying glass in our logo and the similarity to Suburb Watch...we briefed our designers last year to use a "generic image" that symbolises search, (we are a search engine, not a listing site) and the magnifying glass appears to have been adopted internationally as the symbol, so that's why we chose it.

    Regards David
    Last edited by David Hows; 09-10-2008 at 01:11 PM. Reason: forgot to sign my name

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    Default An American Inspiration

    Best New Real Estate Investor Tool of 2008

    By Personal Real Estate Investor Editors

    Editors Note: We evaluated Investar as a similar site but they still take the brute force approach of "more is more." More listings versus fewer relevant investments. They also deny culture by trying to bypass the real estate professional and existing culture. Join don't fight. Every agent that signs up on InvestorLoft (free) brings five to fifty investors (free to them) to do their own searches, knowing the agent is protected from poaching and for fee payment.

    Introducing Intelligent Property Searches

    Eighty seven percent of all house searches begin on the Internet. The Web hosts thousands of real estate search sites with millions of listings and little to distinguish site A from site B. The typical property search, especially for an investment property, results in more questions than answers.

    YESTERDAY — Analysis Paralysis

    The standard search identifies properties by their physical characteristics, such as a single-family home, duplex, number of bedrooms and bathroom, location and price. The result is a list of addresses. Then, investors slog through the listings and may identify the one or two properties that may be appropriate. If not, they repeat the process.
    Then the analysis begins. The investor considers price, financing, expected income and expenses to calculate returns to make an intelligent buy or no buy decision.

    The search is more complex if they are looking for an appropriate property for a 1031 exchange (American Tax code allowing for deferring capital gains) or self-directed IRA (income tax deferral as retirement savings) portfolio.

    TODAY — Search Genius

    InvestorLoft stands this model on its head. It allows investors to create a profile based on their requirements (deposit amount, credit capacity, return goals, etc.), and produces a short list of properties that meet those requirements.

    InvestorLoft surpasses current systems in other ways, too. Suppose you’re looking for a positive cash-flow rental to add to your investment portfolio. You have created a list of properties using your requirements, such as return expectations and calculated possible deposit to loan(s) ratios. Then, what if the asking price is not a market price? What are the real market rents?

    InvestorLoft uses two proprietary pricing engines.

    1. A discrete automated valuation model (AVM) to arrive at a comparable expected property strike price (comp). It also displays results from the three most popular home pricing sources: Zillow, CyberHomes and Eppraisal.

    2. Another valuation function allows investors to compare rental data to their own comparison model. InvestorLoft gathers public rent data and further refines typically fuzzy rent data and provides more accurate rental income estimates for more precise investor goal analysis.

    Other purchase fees and operational expenses are derived from the listing data or from current market data and known expense models, like homeowners’ association fees, insurance and taxes.

    InvestorLoft’s ground-breaking system filters properties based on investors’ criteria and delivers a short list of properties that meet investors’ needs. The resulting short list eliminates hours and days of number crunching to find and model an appropriate investment property.


    A major miscue of many Internet real estate implementations is to sideline industry professionals and propose a new real estate trading model. The industry is not likely to adopt an automated system that excludes professionals.

    Wall Street is a perfect example of automation for the right reason. Stock trading volume outgrew human capacity. When computer-aided trading arrived, professionals and staff saw it as a welcome solution that eased drudgery and expanded business.

    Many Internet real estate automation tools tried to gain acceptance by replacing professionals. They started with the theory that “smart customers can buy and sell real estate and eliminate the dreaded and expensive middleman.” Great idea — if real estate was simply a commodity.

    Cutting out the people most likely to use it is like shooting oneself in the foot. To succeed with an Internet application, the technology must reflect industry culture. InvestorLoft has mastered the culture elegantly.

    Instead of excluding professionals, the best real estate Internet tools assist the professional to provide better service. InvestorLoft does more than leverage the professional real estate agent, lender, appraiser, 1031 exchanger, self-directed IRA custodian or other service provider skills; it ensures the value of their role.

    No Fishing Allowed

    One of the reasons professional real estate associations were formed was to set practice standards and protect members. Real estate professionals and brokers fear constantly that someone will steal their clients. The other fear is that someone will then “fish upstream” and take away prospective clients as well. This is also true for 1031 exchangers, self-directed IRA custodians and anyone who derives revenue from a successfully served real estate or investor customer.

    Understanding this sensitivity, InvestorLoft developed a technique called Refer Safe that attaches account ownership of any referral to the source of that referral. For example: 1031 exchange companies frequently have customers with little time to find and close on a qualified property. Miss the date; pay taxes prematurely. With InvestorLoft, a 1031 intermediary can refer clients with two assurances; they will quickly find a qualifying property, and a client will never be exposed to a competing qualified intermediary while on the site. The same is true for all other service providers like real estate agents, brokers and lenders.


    To place a listing on InvestorLoft.com the vendor of the property must be an owner/principal of the property or a licensed real estate agent representing the seller or a buyer. This maintains industry co-broke and referral fee conventions and protects professionals. This guarantee stimulates business. This also means that fly-by-night deals will not enter this environment.

    “Empowering versus ostracizing professionals has already proven to generate phenomenal viral market growth for InvestorLoft.com,” says president Walter Charnoff. “Each real estate professional brings an average of ten investors to participate in our site. The glorious problem we have now is we do not have enough listings. The great news is that every time we explain our Refer Safe and co-broke requirements, investment-appropriate inventory follows.”

    The industry-leading brokerages who have committed their listings to InvestorLoft bring thousands of independent real estate agents, and tens of thousands of real estate investors selling or seeking property, to the InvestorLoft community.

    Charnoff sees the majority of these professional or investor members as future self-directed IRA investors, if they are not already. “The implication is that today the $1.6 trillion (as of 2006) that investors have in self-directed IRAs have never had a better opportunity to get into long-term investment real estate at the lowest market prices with highest cash returns,” says Charnoff.

    “AMAZON EASY” Game Changer

    Who wouldn’t use an intelligent investment search engine that is as easy to use as Netflix or Amazon, saves time, keeps and serves clients better, and protects commissions?

    InvestorLoft’s management team and employees have been to this movie before. The roster consists of former financial planners, real estate investors and licensed real estate professionals. Charnoff was a registered investment advisor and head of a successful Bay Area financial advisory firm that served demanding Silicon Valley investor clients. He is an inventor of patent-pending marketing technology for investment practices who founded and led other successful technology companies that cater to the financial services and real estate sectors.

    “This vast market is grossly underserved,” says Charnoff. He saw that the way of selecting investment real estate was completely backwards. If investors know their investment goals, why not search for the answer, not the question.

    InvestorLoft is changing the game by offering smart solutions. Because of their innovation, Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine awards InvestorLoft “Best New Real Estate Investor Tool of 2008.”


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    I have checked out Investar - the NZ model - and am seriously impressed! If this tool is everything it seems at first look it has the ability to save some serious time.
    I can sepnd hours trawling through all the various property websites, it can be like the proverbial neddle in a haystack. I've only spent half an hour looking at Investar (you can get a free trial to check it out) - and by putting in your keywords or selecting from their menu, it does all the trawling for you. Not only that but it also brings up suburb stats including average rent, sales in the area etc.
    I haven't looked at any of the webinars or other offerings yet, so will reserve judgement on all of that other stuff, but I would recommend you check out the Investar tool if you want to save time and target your search.
    Just my five cents.

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    Hello all,

    Did I work this out right? It costs $3,147.00 AUD for a years sub? Maybe for that cost they will also source a lender willing in this financial climate to give investors a loan.


    Last edited by Marc; 09-10-2008 at 04:45 PM.
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    There is standard membership pricing on the website that you have quoted correctly Marc.

    We are currently running special pricing for people who attend webinars. Special pricing at present for webinar attendee's is $99.50 to join and $69 a month. We are working on providing in NZ currency instead of just Australian.

    regards David


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