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    Default 4th November Renovating Your Property and Investing in Renovations

    Central Auckland Co conveners Kathy Engelbrecht and Barry Bridgman would like to invite you to come hear fellow APIA members Mark and Sharon Trafford, to share their wealth of knowledge in the field of renovation and investing in renovations.

    Running two successful businesses of Renovate to Profit and Maintain to Profit, Mark and Sharon have renovated over 50 properties in the last 18 months for investors and home owners. They are also seasoned investors who will talk in depth about renovations, what to look for when buying a renovation, how to set a budget for your project and how to stick within that budget. The pitfalls people fall into when renovating and how to avoid costly mistakes. They will also talk in depth about maintenance for your investment properties, how to prioritise maintenance issues and the effects of poor maintenance on your investments long term.

    This will certainly be a rewarding evening for all. Please join us at the Mt Eden Community Centre at 489 Dominion Road, Mt Eden (next to KFC) at 7.15 next Tuesday night.

    Bookings are essential. For booking, please email [email protected].

    Entry fees: $5 for members and $15 for non members - email [email protected] to ask about local area meeting concession cards.

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    We are all well aware of the difficult economic climate at present and the likelihood that this may continue for some time. It is in times like this that it is very important that your product (ie rental accommodation) is presented well to ensure you attract the best tenants, encourage longer tenancies and maintain rent at market value. If you havent addressed all your outstanding maintenance issues or overdue renovations then this is the time to seriously start thinking about it.

    We hear daily of the increasing difficulty in getting property finance and the changing Lenders requirements, the good news is that finance for maintenance probably rates as one of the most favoured loan applications by lenders ie the lender actually wants to see their security maintained. Loan top ups/new loans for maintenance will be viewed favourably by your Lender, maintenance is naturally one of the Lenders loan compliance issues.

    Come along this evening to hear Mark and Sharon talk about what you can achieve for your $5000, $10,000 or $20,000 maintenance/renovation budget.
    Now is the time to complete these tasks in light of what could be a more difficult rental market over the next twelve months.

    Sharon Trafford is increasingly being viewed as one of Auckland's leading tenant managers, Sharon will be pleased to answer any questions you may have on tenanting issues.

    Look forward to seeing you at 7.15pm.


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