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    And yet you have stayed there for 12 years????
    Steven Goodey - CEO PropertyTutors Wellington


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    what......all the kiwis leaving NZ were under 11 were they?

    Im not the only part of the equation. there is family, pets, property, businesses......its taken me quite a few years to convince the mrs
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    "...if you have spent your working life offshore and then come back to retire - do you automatically get the NZ pension? Or is it an 'agreement' between the country/s you have spent your working years and the country you are retiring in?..."

    Good question. As a present expat myself (not a western country) I saw once that you have to be living in NZ about 15 years or so to be able to get a pension. From memory a number of those years have to be spent directly preceeding the time you apply. It might even be ten years before you apply. I'm not sure the exact figures but there is a system in place whereby one cannot time their retirement issue without contributing first.
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    i've worked and paid taxes in nz, 6 years, uk, 3 years, aust. 5 years and japan 10years

    ideally i would be entitled to a pension in all)

    however currently i am probably entitled to next to nothing, or nothing, in each

    with the demographic time bomb still to go off i'm working on the assumption that i will end up with nothing from any of them(

    whic makes it so frustrating when officialdom throws up so many roadblocks on my way to building my own retirement funds

    they say, ah we see what you mean, but your case seems to slip through the cracks...

    well get on to it boys!

    there are more and more people in the same situation everyday due to your warm acceptance of globalisation
    have you defeated them?
    your demons

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    Gee Crashy, it can't be all that bad..................can it?
    There are posters on here that say it's the best thing since free money.............don't they?
    Who to believe...............Who to believe?


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