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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
    You have to be kidding revdev.

    In each case the owners appeared to be completely out of touch with what they owed and had a completely "can not care" irresponsible attitude to it. In each case the deposit had come from generous parents.
    I hear where you are coming from Glenn, however in both your examples the owners made a conscious decision to stop paying the loan.

    Not the case with John Smith who has admitted to paying some off the loan arrears. But to be an investor and not know when fixed terms are expiring or that you have "dramatic payment increases"...madness.

    JS, so you didn't receive the bank correspondence snail mail...what about checking online??...you are here in pt.com, so you obviously have internet access.

    Good luck! (still think it's a windup )

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    I watched a few snippets of Gareth Morgan on channel 7 last night.
    He was saying that central bankers and Goverments should not bail out people when they get into trouble.
    I think AKA John Smith is a good example for us to all learn from

    We need fools in the market.
    For every fools loss and pain is another persons gain and joyful glee.
    so yes bring it all on John. We need more of your kind to keep the balance in the market. As soon as we all carry you the market goes mad and we all suffer.

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    John, if you are still looking on here and you are serious, don't go laying blame, you didn't tell the bank when you moved. My advise is to go to the bank and see how it can be sorted out, it has obviously been going on for a while, your best bet may be to try and refinance if it is not too late, but I would try explaining your situation to the bank, good luck, but remember BE HONEST the banks hear stories, yes they are just stories, every day of the week and yours by the sounds of the small amount of info you have given will be very similar to alot, still if you are serious about saving it talk NOW to them and see what you can do. At the very least if you can buy some time you may be able to sell the house yourself, as mortgagees are not generally getting huge money now a days.

    Be grateful for what you do have, thankful for the help you have received to date and respectful of the banks decision what ever it is, ask yourself what you have learned from this and what you could have done better.

    all the best

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    I came across this thread and my experience having moved from Aust to NZ and advised my Aussie bank, I can confirm that so far my snail mail from the bank has been sent to my parents former aussie home, our former postal box, my parents NZ home but under my maiden name (accounts in married name) and when it does arrive at my correct address, it takes 15 days to get here whereas normal mail takes 5 - 7 days.

    I too have tried and tried to communicate with bank on line, via their website secure service and by email. My banker left, her email wasn't being on fowarded to anyone else. Earlier this week I received a direct email from a ''someone'' who asked for me to call them, so I did. Went to messagebank.

    so I emailed again and advised I had called and left message. No reply to date.

    Its darn hard to try and sort out whatever mess you may find yourself in when bank employee's won't put a proper name to a letter, won't reply to emails, and ask you to call and then have a messagebank.....

    I was taught to always let your creditors know when something goes wrong, so it can be worked out together...

    My advise would be to keep a copy of any correspondence you have, that way if you have to obtain an injunction (and I would hope you can sort this out) your representative in court can produce the evidence to show what you have done to remedy the situation.

    As an aside, I was of the opinion that each time you make a payment they need to re-issue any paperwork served with the correct outstanding amount. Not sure if this is true, but perhaps its best if you can get up to date and keep up the repayments to fend off any action.


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