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    Default Question about bond and tenancy agreements


    I have recently moved into a house that is having issues with its power and internet. The issues have been ongoing for 3 weeks prior to my moving in and dont appear to be being resolved anytime soon. I am considering moving out as I feel this is a breach of the basic tenancy agreement and is a health and safety issue if the power is intermitant. The agreement signed was for 15 weeks and I am currently 4 days into this. So I have some questions:

    Am I legally entitled to cancel the tenancy agreement if there is a fundamental lack of service being provided that should be included?

    Am I entitled to a refund of the bond that I have provided?

    If these issues are resolved there is also a question I have with regards to the bond going to the Department of Building and Housing to be kept safe in the case of a dispute. We are not tennants, but boarders in a house with a number of other people. We have been told as a result of this that the agency does not have to forward the bond. Is this true?

    Thanks in advance for any advice as I am a little worried about the agency in question. Hopefully someone will be able to put my mind at ease, but I have a feeling I might be in for some legal difficulties...

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    Default 10 day notice?

    Have a read of the tenancy tribunal website - in particular this part on repairs http://www.tenancy.govt.nz/tenants-repairs
    If you have asked your landlord to fix the problems and he/she hasn't you could consider a 10 day notice?

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    You say you are not a tenant but a border.. so the owner lives in the house or is it some kind of boarding house where you rent a room? Did you sign any agreement when you moved in.. of any sort?

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    Default Agreement

    It is a boarding house, the land lord doesnt live on the property.

    Yes, we did sign a tenancy agreement, which I dont have to hand at the moment. However I dont recall there being a particular exclusion from the Residential Tenancies Act 1986 apart from section 5 h ii. But this doesnt seem right to me... Not sure. Perhaps you could tell me...

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks to the poster above as well, the 10 day work order document will be being used.


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