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    Default Is Urba Residences (Auckland) cold in winter?

    Hi! Anyone knows if the ventilation system is still constantly exchanging cold air from outside and make the apartments cold in winter? v interested in this complex but just saw this on google review from years ago.. not sure if it's fixable?
    please help thanks

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    Sorry what apartments? Do you know what type of ventilation is currently in place?

    Does it have a heat pump?

    Auckland rarely gets below 2deg celcius in winter, trying to find some facts for you, but the average daytime temp in June is 15deg Celcius, from memory its usually around 5-9 deg celcious?

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    Itís the Urba Residences on Howe Street. I donít really know what ventilation system they have, if they have heating coil or not?😅 looking into the AGM seems apartments donít come with heat pump (rules saying if you need to install a heat pump, it has to be on the list specified) But Iím wondering if the ventilation keep exchanging air with outside, it would be hard to keep the warm air even with heat pump...
    Yes Auckland is not super cold, sometimes 6-8degress in winter nights, I m just not very good tolerating coldness. want to be warm and cozy at home😂


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