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    Question Major developments within a short period of time

    For a major development process, e.g. urban renewal, a shopping center or a large office block, short-term finance on a two-year basis presents difficulties. Due to the dominance of the market forces, it is very difficult to predict the immediate market situation and the future financial developments. Not only that, it is very difficult to stick on to a particular timetable in the case of mega urban projects. Thus the short-term financing options affect the profits of the investors.

    Certain projects therefore require long-term finance from the institutions or government right from the very beginning. The government owned financial institutions like the Kerala Financial Development Corporation ((KFDC) has always been on the forefront of the various development programmes. The real estate in Cochin would not have appreciated so much but for the generous attitude of the KFDC. Many of the infrastructure projects have been given loans and other finances so that the project may get completed within a particular time frame.

    All sorts of financial institutions and investment banks dominate the Cochin financial scene. Similarly, when a real estate firm is building for another institution, the latter may provide long-term finance from the start. However developers always give a margin of error when tallying the final costs. This is because the final costs may exceed the initial expectations mainly due to certain unavoidable circumstances. With the increasing flow of investments into Cochin, major developments are expected within a short period of time. Analysts predict that with the commissioning of the ‘container terminal’ and the ‘smart city’ project more investments are expected.

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    I hope the development would turn out fine. Major developments in properties are always subjected to possible undesirable risk but at the end of the day, the people are the ones' to decide.


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