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    The CPI is a fascinating beast.

    I haven't had (make that wouldn't make) the time to go back through this thread to find the relevant posts. But the fudge factor of hedonistic stats is mentioned, in those earlier posts. Plus (as I dimly recall) mention that the CPI was seen as a deception, because a CPI movement of - say - 5% - meant little to the top earners in NZ society but had a helluva adverse impact on those lower down the socio-economic pecking order. E.g. National superannuitants.

    Today, there was an item touching on this, here.

    Retirees need ". . . just over $100,000 in savings at age 65 in order to be able to afford the most basic of lifestyles in either Auckland, Wellington, or Christchurch," research from Massey University has found.

    Further down that item is found:
    Thanks to the rising rental costs created by a shortage of homes in our big cities and council hiking their rates, housing and household utility bills have increased far faster than the Consumer Price Index, putting pressure on retirees. For the 12 months to June 30 2016, Statistics New Zealand calculated that housing and household utility costs jumped 3.3 per cent, against a rise in the overall Consumer Price Index of just 0.4 per cent, Matthews said.

    "That increase will have had a considerable impact on retirees, especially those living alone," Matthews said. "Housing and household utility bills make up 24.2 percent of the basket of goods used to calculate the CPI." "However, for retirees living alone … this category actually makes up between 26.3 percent and 29.2 percent of their total expenditure, so any increase has a disproportionate effect on their cost of living."

    "So while superannuation payments went up last year by more than the CPI, in line with the increase in average wages, most retirees will still need additional income, even for a very simple lifestyle."
    I've often nurtured the view that the CPI was 'legally' fiddled to abet gummints' desire to reduce the Nat Super annual adjustment increases. Nothing in that Stuff item persuades me otherwise.

    There are many forumites better at maths than I am, but comparing the story's 0.4% with 3.3% indicates to me that the 'official' and "disproportionate figure" numbers depart from reality by a factor of around 8.

    I suspect that finding out - later in life and too late to start any meaningful saving - that being dependent upon the National Super is an existence spectre rather than living a life, is quite scary.

    Again dimly recalled, I think we came up with our own [realistic!] formula for inflation. that was:
    take the official CPI figure, multiply it by two and add two, to get the real inflation figure for most people.
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    Perry, we got a letter in the post about "Changes to our water bill".

    Changes? I said to my wife. Is the cost going down?

    No? They're going up? Shocker.

    And yes CPI is fudged, not sure if it's solely to save on increases in superannuation though.

    Not sure why in fact it's understated in many countries.
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    Hi all,
    Can someone please advise what is the best way to buy physical bullion in New Zealand? I want to take some money off the table and interest rates are so low that i prefer to store my money in gold (rightly or wrongly). There seem to be a few options on google, but i wanted to see if anyone has any experience and can recommend a certain option please?
    Thank you.

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    I have dealt with these before. I would like a place in Christchurch, rather than Auckland, to do the business though.

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    Some years ago sold some gold to a couples of places in church st? Onehunga/Penrose....1 was a smelter....their splits were less than the big name places

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    Thumbs down

    Bitcoin is plummeting ... no shit !
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    guess what happens

    when the hot air of hype

    hits the cold front of reality


    short version

    things falls

    it pisses down

    cyclonic typhoon style

    corrugated iron flys around beheading selfie-taking tourists


    why would anyone

    buying an imaginary currency... peter pan investing? - "if we all believe it to be so..."

    believe that it could end well?

    tulips anyone?
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    has there been any changes/updates since this post ? iebetter places to buy etc

    Question 1. If I wanted to buy gold which is better - coins or bars?

    Depends on your purpose and the costs, The larger the ammount of gold is the cheaper it is. Coins have a making cost included, small coins are more expensive than larger ones. Also in NZ any coin that is not of .999 fineness is subject to GST. Coins can be sold to any coin dealer..........bars have a limited number of buyers

    Question 2. Which is easier to sell if I need to sell quickly?

    Depends on the amount and who your selling to. In NZ banks don't handle gold IMO that is a major negative!!!!!!!

    Question 3. Who would buy it?

    Coin dealers and bullion dealers............see answer to 2!

    Question 4. Apart from NZ Mint who else sells gold(bars. coins) in NZ?

    Coin dealers (maybe) and Walker and hall

    Question 5. What sort of commissions or fixed charges are involved when buying and selling? No commissions each day there is a buy and sell rate ( usually set by the london Bullion market.

    Question 6. Which is better....buying gold or leaving your money in the bank?

    also what does this mean ,
    just paste this in your browser - shorting at negative so time to buy ??
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    I suggest that you invest a small amount in Gold..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Judge View Post
    Hi all,
    Can someone please advise what is the best way to buy physical bullion in New Zealand? I want to take some money off the table and interest rates are so low that i prefer to store my money in gold (rightly or wrongly). There seem to be a few options on google, but i wanted to see if anyone has any experience and can recommend a certain option please?
    Thank you.
    I need that information too


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