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    Default NZPIF Conference -Rachel Barnes, Property Women in Australia is a key note speaker

    With 50% of attendees at NZ Property Investors’ Federation conferences being women, there have been persistent requests to include speakers who represent this emerging group in the property investment arena.

    A partner in Property Women in Australia, Rachel Barnes will be speaking and running workshops at the NZPIF Conference 08, Steaming Ahead!

    She will be sharing the story of how she turned $5,000 equity into 70 rentals across Australia and New Zealand, the three secrets to becoming a “Lucky” property investor and three key points of difference between NZ and Australian property investing.

    Barnes says that the development of Property Women has been an amazing journey! Property Women’s first event set a strong foundation and, although the only paid advertising has been predominantly through Australian Property Investor Magazine, word of mouth and media exposure have taken the data base to just over 12,000 in only 18 months, with about 900 women having attended at least one of the women only workshops.

    “Each month we speak to women who have got on board and started, or resumed property investing, and have found it a fantastic way to take control of their future and change their lives. Hearing their stories is so inspiring for us all.”

    Barnes says that women make excellent investors. “Women are fundamentally (and generally) great home-makers. Statistics have shown that 80% of the decision-makers relating to renting or purchasing a home are women.

    Anyone in sales knows that you need to understand your target market when you want to promote a product. If you are a woman, then you understand that 80% of the target market of tenant or home buyer…so you’re already way ahead of the guys.

    “From a property investing perspective, I consider myself to be a normal person, who has just made some extraordinary decisions,” says Barnes

    “The key concept of my ‘point of difference’ if you like, is that my partner John and I started investing only about 8 years ago and started with very cheap properties.

    Most people were buying for capital growth so our strategy was quite different. We couldn’t afford to do that, as we needed to borrow all the money for our properties and we needed to have our investment properties pay for themselves completely (including the loan interest).

    Initially we just purchased one cheap property as an aid to our superannuation. After 12 months we thought it had been a good buy, despite the negativity we’d received from our friends and colleagues. So the next year we thought we’d buy one more – but we ended up purchasing another 8 properties in about 12 weeks.”

    “All these properties were in South Australia, so next we decided to diversify our risk and look for other opportunities interstate and overseas. In total we purchased 75 properties within South Australia, Queensland, North Queensland, New South Wales, Tasmania and last but not least, in the North and South Islands of New Zealand!

    We don’t advocate selling properties usually, but for a number of different reasons we have sold 5 properties and so we now hold 70.

    Over the past couple of years we have been looking for and working on buying properties in USA and Europe.”

    Barnes is looking forward to speaking a the NZPIF Conference in October. “I love speaking to people who are eager to improve themselves and their situation, and I find it so rewarding to see the light in their eyes when they realise what they really want to do in life, and they finally understand and accept that they can achieve it. It’s something very hard to explain in words, but the feeling it gives me is like a warm glow, and that drives me to spread the word about property investing.

    I had never dared to dream when I was younger that I would be where I am today – and yet if I had, I would have arrived at this point so much sooner!”

    Steaming Ahead, The NZPIF Conference 2008 will be held at the Energy Event Centre, Rotorua on October 24th, 25th, 26th. For more information, or to register go to the NZPIF website.

    For more information contact:
    Jan Hains
    Marketing Manager
    New Zealand Property Investors Federation
    04 972 5178
    [email protected]

    Taryn Banks
    Conference Manager
    NZPIF Conference Manager
    021 366 072
    [email protected]


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