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    Another thought. Why not just advertise the event temporarily in your signature. This will mean that everyone of your posts serves as advertising for the event! Cheers David

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    Well this is interesting, I have NEVER used the new posts and only sometimes read other headings apart from the property investment and general and only read NZ ones, but I have always known i was different, dont think the signature thing makes a big difference, although maybe some do, i have it on my posting and i still get a steady stream of people saying they have read my story and can they go on my data base, if they clicked on the signature they get the website and would see it is there, still I am not bothered just pointing out that perhaps we shouldnt judge others by our model of the world. Something that hit me hard when I did the Tony Robbins year, i acutally learned we all think and interpret things differently.

    I know some of us are just slow catching on. Maybe I might look on the new posts at some stage.



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