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    Default FIMA-land development and mining

    so what do you guys think about this one? i heard an interview, and thought maybe there's some potential.

    apparently they started out as a real estate, land development company making luxury resorts in Mexico, and following all of these developments they eventually moved into the mining/resource development field because as they were building i guess they made connections in central and south america where they realized they can do more business

    i'm not sure how the mining/metals arena is going but i think the real estate side is a little dead right now. according to the interview it looks like they're focusing on that side as well. i guess they just got the geological results from one of the grounds they were looking into and it looks good

    but i don't know much aside from what i heard in teh interview, what do you guys think about this company as an investment?

    interview i keep talking about is on wallst.net btw haha


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