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    Family members with a one year old made a suggestion to their landlord about a very sensible reorganisation of space in the place they were living in. LL took that as a request (she later said) and moved in the tradies. A one week job drifted on for 6 weeks. Life was exceedingly difficult for my family trying to keep the little one and themselves out of harm's way, tools and dust everywhere. After 2 weeks they moved into my place until the work was done. LL was not keen on any compensation, saying the tenants had requested the alterations. In the end gave them one week's free rent plus immediate notice to increase the rent. After all it was now renovated.

    So they gave notice.

    This was an experienced Wellington LL, by the way, not a newbie.

    PS They moved on the Saturday, tenancy ended the following Monday. When they turned up Sunday with the cleaning gear, the LL was just finishing the big cleanup, no doubt intending to claim the bond. Maybe not so experienced after all ....

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    Good story artemis

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    I think it depends upon whats involved. Recarpeting is a hassle but will only take 1 day. Retiling a kitchen or a bathroom floor isn't too major. Installing a new shower or vanity, or repainting a room will only take 1-2 days.

    It's only when walls are being moved, a bathroom or kitchen is being moved, or walls are being relined; that it's obviously going to take more than 2-3 days, and it's going to be messy.

    A lot of tenants will go away for 1-2 weeks during the year, and if they give you advance notice, this can be an opportune time to do any more than basic renovations.


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