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    Default Selling sections

    We have two sections which don't really fit the criteria of the type of house we want to build. So, we need a bit of lateral thinking to beat the glut of sections for sale at the moment. Has anyone offered builder's terms to spec building companies? Has it worked for you? Any ideas for some creative marketing (we are listed with an agent) would be appreciated.

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    Where are they Tarn, what sort of $$ range are they and what are new houses selling for in the area??

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    You could look at something like this to de-risk the builder: http://www.nzhb.co.nz/product/bf/builders.aspx

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    Thanks Studio1. Good to know.
    two ears and just one mouth.. for good reason.

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    They are side by side on Cross Street, Allenton which is in Ashburton. The option could be to sell as one 1000 sqm section as the services aren't in yet. They are listed on www.realestate.co.nz AS 200208 & 210208. The pictures look bad and the agent has had a stir up. Site coverage allowance is 35% - so a 175 sqm 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse in that area (which is a good area) would sell for a worst case senario of $360k. The sections are $150k each.

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    Why don't you build and sell the town houses yourself.
    Section sales have stopped dead in this market and I predict a resonable drop in prices on the way.

    Buyers don't want sections they want a finished house. Why not give them what they want?

    Many builders stuck with sections will build the house and sell it at cost just to get rid of the section.

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    I’m finding that the building side of the market has stop dead.
    As a result they are a lot of companies out looking for work and they are giving really good prices.
    Might be worth getting a few builders to have a look.



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