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    Default Pregnant woman gets shot all OK though (R)...

    A woman pregnant with triplets was walking down the street when a masked robber ran ot of a bank and shot her three times in the stomach. Luckily the babies were OK.l The surgeon decided to leave the bullets in because it was too risky to operate. She gave birth to two healthy daughters and a healthy son.

    All was fine for 16 years, and then one daughter walked into the room in tears.

    'Whats wrong?' asked the mother. 'I was taking a wee wee and this bullet came out' replied the daughter.

    The mother told her it was Ok and explained what happened 16 years ago.

    About a week later the second daughter walked into the room in tears. 'Mom, I was taking a wee wee and this bullet came out'

    Again the mother told her not to worry and explained what hapened 16 years ago.

    A week later her son walked into the room in tears. ' its OK' said the mother, 'I know what happened; You were taking a wee wee and a bullet came out'

    'No' said the boy, ' I was playing with myself and I shot the dog'


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