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    Default Chch LL assoc/advocacy group -still exists?

    Some years back I recieved information about some kind of membership group that was being formed in Chch for landlords - I think I saw their ad in the local newspaper (?). I contacted them for more info, but have since lost it.

    I can't remember exactly what the group was specifically geared towards, though I do recall it was atleast in part to help landlords out with problems - there was a membership fee which included the services, if ever needed, of someone with 'experience' to accompany you to TT to ensure best outcome.

    Sound familiar to anyone? If so, did this group ever got off the ground/does it still exist?? Would have been worth every penny of membership fee to me to have had help with tenant problems over the past year or two. If you know anything about it or who was organizing it, even if it fizzled, I would be most grateful for information!


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    Would this be the Canterbury Property Investors' Association? Been going a while I'd think, but basically fits your description....? Check out www.cpia.co.nz and ring them to see if they do what you're after. They're definitely geared towards private landlords.



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