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    Quote Originally Posted by Win K View Post
    It is also amazing how difficult it is to communicate with human beings. You would think that saying "X" to a person they would hear "X". However dealing with tenants they tend to hear what they want to hear.
    LL: This is what was happening.

    T: No this is what was happening.

    LL: That is clearly untrue because...

    Adj: That doesn't matter: it's what the T thought was happening that
    is important here.

    LL: (Thinking) What hope in hell have I got if that logic is always applied?

    LL: (Thinking afterwards) Put it in writing, always.


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    Default before calling anyone a Liar

    you should ask their side of the story.. you may find it is the applicants liaring not the PM.
    Unless the Tnt is heading over seas I NEVER write a reference these days because of a tenant. You see many years ago I had some really good tnts.. paid on time, kept place clean etc etc. They asked for a written reference and in those day it was normal top give one. A couple of days after I had written them the reference they withdrew their notice to leave . I had not problems with that either as they were good tnts... Well over the next few months things changed.. their rent got into arrears etc and finally I had the tenancy terminated at the trib. Well a short time later I got a phone call from a landlord wanting confirmation of their really good reference I had written for them some months earlier. Well I naturally told him the whole story and needless to say they were not taken on by him.

    Now of course .. if PT had been around in those days that landlord could have come on here swearing and declaring that I was a untrustworthy Pm who told lies just to get rid of tnts when in fact it was the tnts that were untrustwowrthy. Moral of the story 1 don't write references and 2 a landlord shouldn't trust written references but should confirm details of reference by a quick phone call to the writer and don't publically accuse people of liaring till you have checked out both sides of the story

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    How have I publically called anyone a Liar? I haven't said my location or the property manager's name or where he works.

    Thanks everyone for your comments.

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    Rueben.. By your very title 'property manager lies' you are calling your PM a liar.. this by its 's very nature casts a shadow over the entire industry.. it's just like saying RE salesperson rips off buyers and wondering why peple mistrust the RE industry. 2) I'm sure there are some people on this board who may know who you are and where you live therefore they may know exactly who you are talking about 3) others who live in a small town may wonder if it the pm they deal with
    You have unintentionaly sullied the reputation of Property Managers in general, and while some may be bad( there are always some bad apples) the majority are very good and honest. If your are going to make such comments you should have the evidence that back this up.. like having spoken to the pm first before making a comment about his character on here. NO PM likes a liar and we would ,if shown proof, support and advise you as to how to deal with it.


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