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Poll: Whish property in Spain is good to invest?

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    Default tips about spanish property

    SPAIN can be a very enjoyable place to stay for the rest of one’s life but before buying property in Spain, there are lots of factors to consider. Consider staying there two weeks in a row, once during summer and once during winter so you can have an idea on the atmosphere in the neighborhood. During summer, it is usually festive because there are lots of fiestas to look forward to. But it is somewhat more serene during winter although this can be an opportune time to befriend the neighbors. With that, you now have some idea on which Spanish property to choose buying.

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    A glimpse of Spain real estate condition : The home prices in the principal Spanish coastal destinations have begun to decline. This year the cost of residential homes has fallen by 4.7% along the Costa del Sol, according to a study by Aguirre Newman, a real estate brokerage. However, the prices for second homes are predicted to face a 10% fall by the year end. With that you have a better view of what Spain real estate is like.

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    Hi Landwatch.com!

    Thanks for giving me some insights about property at Spain..

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    That was more like a pleasure, I hope it helped.

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    My favorite is Mallorca! It was and will always be very visited from tourists from all over the world!

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    My preferred region in Spain is Catalunya, for its Costa Brava, Costa Garraf, Costa Dorada with amazing landscapes, crystal sea and mild climate. Also Canary Islands and Balearic Islands offer a unique atmosphere and amazing views.

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    I really like Almeria


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