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    Default The pack of cards

    Does anyone remember the 1980's?

    Better music; better dress; better in many ways.

    What about the dawn of the Yuppies? Remember them? And remember the high flying business owners who made a fortune on their personal glamour, their out right nerve; their stock market listings, and the mood of the time?

    Remember also what happened after the '87 crash? From memory one of them in the UK who wasn't locked up ran off to Turkish occupied Cyprus.

    Oh, how the pack of cards came tumbling down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xris View Post
    Does anyone remember the 1980's?

    Better music; better dress; better in many ways.

    Please make sure that this is moved to forum funnies, where it belongs.



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    Xris, you left off better hair. Lol.

    Just the other day I was thinking about the sense of optimism around during those times. I remember movies like The Secret of My Success where a young smart dude (a Michael J Fox type) could make a fortune in about 3 weeks! Everyone else being dummies helped.

    I think I believed that sort of thing when I was growing up. I was a teenager in the 80's just about to head into the work force... thought I knew everything ... intending to retire at the ripe old age of say 25.

    I look back at that period in my life with fondness. I wish I still had that "The Whole World is My Oyster" feeling.


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    Sigh.... The 80's....

    Big hair, big ear-rings, big shoulder pads and HUGE FUN. I had such a ball....


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