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    Default Matthew Faid passed away this morning

    Extract from his web site for those that knew him.. It is a sad lost to the Chch market.

    'This morning we lost one of the world's good guys.

    Matthew Faid died suddenly at home this morning. Luckily he organised for 280 of his best friends to turn up to hear Roger Hamilton tonight and give him the first of many send offs.

    For him it started as any other day a walk in the Huntsbury hills with the dog and Richard, a great day to be alive! The sun was shining, Matthew was excited about the day ahead. He got home, the children headed off, and got ready for the day.

    He leaves behind 6 children and his wife Catheryn, and thousands of friends and people whose lives he touched.'
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    Sorry to hear that.
    I had couple of brief encounters with him, he seemed to be a very nice guy. He is one of two Chch investors who's story was in Grahame Fowler's book too.
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    I also met Matthew a few times at conferences and NZPIF meetings. He always struck me as a really passionate, genuine guy.

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    I met Matthew Faid a couple of times at Roger Hamilton events - would be about 2 years ago now. I remember Matthew's speech and at the time I was in awe of his achievements and focus on assisting others to achieve financial security. He will be dearly missed in property investor circles in Christchurch and throughout NZ and our thoughts go out to his wife. chiidren, family and friends.

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    How old was he?

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    Default Matthew

    May I mention your name when reaching the Pearly Gates ?

    Great Person

    Everyone should know a Matthew Faid in their life.

    Bless you Matthew. Condolences to your Family.

    with sadness


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    Yesterday was Mathew Faid’s memorial service. Mathew did a lot for our property world and will be sadly missed. The service was beautiful. It was a great tribute to a great man and a life well lived in only 47 short years. Also a wonderful compliment to his wife and six children.

    While I was sitting there among 500 others I thought it does really help with the grieving to know that people care. I suppose it is like a tired athlete coming into the finish line, being supported by the on-looking crowd, it seems to just give that extra bit of energy to get through the tough times.

    Chatting to others later, the main thought seemed to be shock and disbelief that Mathew had gone when he appeared to be a healthy vibrant man. It did make us realise just how short or fragile life can be. We are inclined to take it for granted and think we have tomorrow, next week, next year, and think that death will not happen to us. Unfortunately that simply isn’t true, it does happen, it DID happen last Thursday and Mathew’s story is proof of that.

    We could argue and say that Mathew had a heart condition, and so that makes it different, but does it really? We don’t actually need to have a heart condition to die suddenly. We all brush with death every time we get on the roads, or maybe get exposed to freak accidents. Choking on a chicken bone, accidental electrocution etc.

    I think Mathew’s sudden death serves as a reminder to us all that we should make a conscious effort to straighten out our lives now, while we have the chance. We have all got things in our lives that need some attention. Things need to be said, to be written, favours need to be returned, good gestures acknowledged, bad feelings dealt with, arguments settled or broken relationships that need healing.

    The classic example is WILLS, a lot of us either don’t have one or need to change the one we do have. There are plenty of horror stories of inheritance money falling into the wrong hands, or childrens guardian battles, or other issues that have arisen because the deceased didn’t update the will in time.

    This message is for both serious and fun things. DO IT NOW! While you still can.

    So in memory of Mathew’s extraordinary life, why not do something positive to improve your own, or some else’s life. Even if you just ring your parents or an old friend and say “Hi Mum/Dad I was just thinking about you today, how are you? You know I love you.” DO IT TODAY!

    We live in a great world and need to make the most of every precious minute we have!

    To success
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