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    Default A Tip for Tenancy Agreements (when using a property manager)

    Earlier this week I went to the WNPIA meeting and there was a presentation by a man from Tenancy Services and a lady who was the principal adjudicator for the Tenancy Tribunal. I can't give their names at the moment as the WNPIA site seems to be down. I will update this post later if I get time.

    One of the key things mentioned that we noticed was for tenancy agreements make sure your property manager lists you on the tenancy as landlord, the property manager as agent for you and gives the property manager's address.

    This means that any tenancy tribunal orders will be written out with both names (note: on the order it should not say the manager is an agent). This means if you want to have the order enforced and you are no longer using the property manager you can go to the court. If you are not listed on the order your hands are tied.

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    Hello graemeh!

    Thanks for the great tip!

    Damn! I missed the meeting in Wellington!

    When is the next one?


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    Presenters were Trish McConnell (Principal Tenancy Adjudicator, Ministry of Justice) and Nigel Bickle (National Manager Tenancy Services, Ministry of Housing).

    Next meeting is 28 June 2004, which is the AGM, so I'm not sure what they have that night.

    You can always get details from the WNPIA web site, www.wnpia.co.nz

    I may be able to post a link to Trish and Nigel's presentation. There was talk of putting a copy on the WNPIA site.


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