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    Kapiti in New Zealand

    Default A project for us all!

    Hi all,

    Based on a current thread (see link below) I would like to ask you all for help in compiling an example costings sheet for everyone. Once we have completed this project I will publish the sheet in PDF format in the downloads section.

    Step 1 - Lets work out possible costings that we should take into account.

    I have submitted the following - PLEASE add your additional costings and suggestions as well.

    The next step we may want to attempt an example and apply the rent etc...

    The list so far

    Legals (conveyance etc..)

    LIM report


    Body corp fees

    Building/Pest inspection

    Land Rates

    Loan Establishment

    Mortgage Costs
    -Establishment fee
    -Mortgage insurance (maybe)
    -Valuation fees
    -Registration of mortgage
    -Registration of title
    -Search fees

    Possible money required to upgrade property for renting

    Property Management

    Link to thread which started me thinking about this project


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    hi marc would u count travelling if coming from o/seas?

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    Jul 2003
    Kapiti in New Zealand


    Yes ! That is a great addition. This would be important since you could possibly claim this as an expense.

    Best regards


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    Default Property Analysis

    The best tool to do this is the Property Investment Analysis software supplied by Jan Somers (www.somersoft.com.au). It is all the inputs required and models capital growth, inflation, etc. I find it invaluable in selecting properties.

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    Jul 2003
    Kapiti in New Zealand



    Yes your right - the software is great!

    For this project we want to be able to show people using a simple list online just incase they cannot get access to those types of applications.

    Best regards



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