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Thread: Black Friday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
    What are the real facts then?
    You are saying the media are wrong so what is right?
    Or was that just a rant?
    What's a rant?

    And what's a fact?

    Did the socialists say they were going to build 10,000 affordable houses per year, if elected? [Fact / rant?]

    Did they get elected? [Fact / rant?]

    If so, how's the tally looking, for the 10,000 affordable houses a year? [Fact / rant?]

    Did Taxcindarella promise no increase in taxes, if elected? [Fact / rant?]

    Then later say that the increase in taxes were not tax increases, but just a numerical change in the existing excise and levy figures, so not really a tax increase or new tax? Apart from screwing Aucklanders, of course. [Fact / rant?]

    And what do you suppose the answer is to this post?

    Under Jacinda Ardern’s Government, immigration has carried on at near record levels in spite of election promises by Labour and New Zealand First to dramatically cut the numbers. [Fact / rant?]

    Labour’s attack on landladies has carried on unabated. By over-regulating rental housing, rents have increased and rentals become scarcer, followed by a surge in homelessness with increases in the state house waiting list - a record-breaking 14,000 families now – over double the 5,800 when Labour took office. In addition, 30,000 families are now in emergency housing, up from 6,000 two years ago, with millions of dollars going to motels which are probably not saddled with the same back-breaking raft of rules and regulations that private landladies are. [Fact / rant?]

    Another item added from the dubious media, today.
    Housing crisis: 'I've rung hundreds of places to ask, you just get shut down'
    Quote Originally Posted by STuff
    Auckland woman Andrea Bartlett is on the brink of homelessness - she and her six children have been renting their home for the past two years, but were recently told their landlord wanted to sell.
    Wanting to sell? Anyone with half a brain wonder why? Yet another success story from the red's policies!

    In spite of employers crying out for workers, the total of working age New Zealanders on welfare has risen from 277,000 when Labour came to office, to almost 300,000. The number of Jobseekers has risen 18 percent to 143,000 – the highest level since the global financial crisis.

    MSD has admitted that this is largely due to a Government directive changing their focus from getting people into jobs, to providing financial assistance. As a result, while the number of special needs grants has increased from 200,000 to 350,000 a year, there is no pro-active work expectation for almost 80 percent of the unemployed. [Fact / rant?]

    Candidly, I can't be bothered making the effort of carefully assessing what lies beneath all such political lies and BS as dribbles from the toothyfairy, Taxcindarella et al. I have long ago accepted the maxim that the way to tell if a politician is lying is to verify that their lips are moving.
    Last edited by Perry; 14-02-2020 at 04:14 PM. Reason: added Stuff story link
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    Default Read Linked Item And Choke

    It just keeps getting worse and worse, as the tooth-fairy gummint lurches from one crisis to another.

    But don't get concerned. It's just a rant, after all.

    Government defends charging rent for emergency motel stays
    13 Feb 2020

    Quote Originally Posted by Stuffed
    The [$300M taxpayer-funded gummint] package is focused on reducing the amount of motel stays necessary, which have doubled since late-2018 to a point where between 3000 and 4000 people are staying in motels.
    Ten thousand affordable homes a year, anyone?
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