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    Default Building Consent needed or a certificate of acceptance for finished work?

    We have a builder that inspected two walls that we wanted removed and he said that they will be fine since the trusses were flowing accross the house so we won't need a permit from the council. I.e no load bearing.
    During the demo he noticed some extra beams coming off one of the walls so plans changed and he has left part of the wall standing with some double beam types across the top too hold any load (sorry for the lack of building terms)
    I was wondering now if I go to the council (Waitakere) that they will make us replace what was already there. The work is currently unfinished.
    Should we go to them now maybe so they can inspect?
    Or should we carry on and apply for a certificate of acceptance once it is finished?
    Any one have any suggestions?

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    Dunno......but,..if your not sure, and the builders not sure, then wouldn't it be best to get things checked now while it's open and at the start of the job, rather than wait until everythings finished?

    At the end of the day it has to be done right and by the book.
    Cover your bases and at least you'll have peace of mind.

    ......and shouldn't the builder know though, considering that's his job?

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    Yeah, I think your probably right Glen.

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    Frankly I would change builders. This is in my understanding a very old and dangerous viewpoint on when building consent is needed. (Although fairly common unfortunately amongst builders/property investors alike)

    Here is a link to when you need a building consent in Waitakere.

    I adopt the approach that if I am making any change I should consult council first. In this way things have always gone very smoothly and council are very helpful when you ask and get clarification first.

    I would review for yourself the rules and understand them because when council come chasing it falls on you not the builder generally.


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    In a situation like this I'm always happy to pay for the advice of a professional person. The job now clearly requires a permit.

    Here's what I'd do. First of all I'd sack the builder because he should have seen the "extra beams coming off one of the walls" in the first place. Personally I'd be reluctant to pay him because I think he's given you bad advice.

    Then I'd hire a draughtsman to draw up the job properly and obtain a permit. The next thing to do is hire a proper builder to complete the job.

    I've specialised in buying shonky properties (at a greatly reduced price of course) then fixing them up legally. Although I've made a lot of money on this type of property, I get very annoyed when I see this sort of thing happening and all too often these problems are passed onto an unsuspecting third party.


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    I'm a builder by trade and I agree with the comments above in that you need to do it properly now. With all the leaky housing problems, the councils can get real nasty about unpermited work that is being done.

    The council waiting times for permits are fairly substantial, eg for a normal new house you are waiting about 3 months. I think if you explain your situation then you may be able to get that down. Once you bring this to the council's attenion they will follow it up very closely and make sure that you do it properly.

    Other possibilities would be to get an engineer to inspect it and sign it off - I'm not 100% sure about this but it would be worth persuing just for time factors.

    Unfortunately I've heard and seen a lot of situations similar to yours lately because people believe the advice of their builders and there are many builders that don't have the experience or qualification to give that advice.

    The government is bringing in the building register which will hopefully get rid of some of these guys.

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    Default Structural

    Hi Reno,

    It looks like the best option would be to get a copy of the building plans from council and get a structural engineer involved. They will be able to advise if it is a structural issue that requires a BC, or if it does not required a BC.

    so - get the plans, then talk to a structural engineer - yellow pages and get the closest to the property.

    No worries


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    Yeap, sounds like there is roof load onto that wall. An engineer will be able to check it out and provide a design which will then have to go in as part of a BC.
    Your builder should know how to deal with this! Is he still being helpful?


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