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    Apr 2005
    Auckland / Cappadocia, Turkey


    Yes, it is about time that we have some more events. Any volunteers to get something organised???

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    Apr 2005

    Default Galbraiths Alehouse, 19th February

    Here goes.....Galbraiths Alehouse, 2 Mt Eden Rd, Mt Eden (cnr Mt Eden Rd and Symonds St)
    Saturday 19th February, 12.00 noon. Plenty of parking on site
    Meals available

    PropertyTalk.coms first knees up for 2011, let us know if you would like to join us and we'll add you to the attendance list!

    MOD EDIT: This post copied to a new thread found here: https://www.propertytalk.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=27983, Pls post your responses in this new thread.
    Last edited by BusyLizzy; 03-02-2011 at 02:05 PM.

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    Sep 2004


    I suspect the Cyclone in Cairns equates
    to doldrums in Hawke's Bay. But, who
    knows? Maybe some HB forumites are
    still out and about and doing OK?
    With all the Draconian new laws for residential rental LLs, perhaps AirBnB would be better? To avoid any hassle in Hawke's Bay, consult Be My Hostess. Want a great looking concrete swimming pool in Hawke's Bay? Designer Pools will do the job for you!

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    Apr 2005
    Auckland / Cappadocia, Turkey


    Good on you, Prop! I'll copy your post out into a new thread so that it doesn't get buried in this thread.

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    When is the next event? In the midwest?

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    Yes, I hope we can join the meetings soon...for now reading about it is giving me a boost.
    Can't wait when it all happens.

    Great weekend all...

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    Nov 2011


    Any propertytalk events in australia? particularly in sydney?


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