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    Apr 2005
    Auckland / Cappadocia, Turkey


    Hi Steevg - and welcome to the forum!

    Yes, absolutely - you would be more than welcome. The great thing about these events is that you get the newbies, the very experienced investors - and everything in between.

    There should should be a few events being arranged as we lead up to Xmas, so just keep an eye on your next local event. Sarahd is the event organiser for Taupo and I'm sure she'll be getting something underway soon.

    I know I felt a bit nervous going to my first event, but was pleasantly surprised at how welcoming everyone was.

    As Glen said - the more the merrier!

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    Thanks Guys,

    I went to the meeting . . . met some great people . . . . . and boy oh boy . . . . did I learn a lot!

    Thanks to everyone at the Taupo meet, for their welcome, and to the forum members here who have already helped me so much!

    Exciting times for me, and I look forward to being able to give back at some stage in the future.

    Have a great and prosperous week ahead guys!


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    Can anyone let me know when the next event is? Sorry i'm new to this forum stuff


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    Apr 2005
    Auckland / Cappadocia, Turkey


    Hi Matau22

    Unfortunately we don't have anything specific planned at the moment. Often it ends up being one of the forum members deciding it's time for a 'get together' in their home town and they just organise it by picking a place and a time.

    Where do you live? Maybe it's time for some of your local forum members to take some action!

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    Well i'm new to this forum and property investment as well

    However, i live in Wainuiomata, Wellington


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    im convinced!

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    Mar 2007
    Kapiti Coast


    I am now back in New Zealand after 6 years in Ireland and UK, when is the next event in Wellington? I would like to stick in my 5 cents worth (have to be 10 cents worth now as I see the 5 cents pieces are all gone! Just a memory of a Tuatara).
    We don't have the money, so we are going to have to THINK - Peter Blake

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    Hi All,

    Is there going to be another one of these PropertyTalk events? Sorry I am new to this forum but would be keen to come along!



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    Jun 2005


    I will try tee up a few days and organise one soon.
    yes it has been quite some time and we need another

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    Sep 2009


    Though the post is about four years old, i have just read it and could not agree more....


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