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    Exclamation Investing in fast food chains

    Hi all,

    Fast food chains have been in the news a lot lately (notably KFC for all of the rats). Has anyone else visited this site (http://www.yuminvestors.com)? It turns out that for 8 of the last 15 sales quarters since PETA launched an international campaign against KFC the stores have show zero or negative same-store sales growth. Also, at the launch of the campaign (4 years ago), KFC said it wanted to have 8,000 U.S. restaurants, but since then, number has actually GONE DOWN by 80 (they’re still only at about 5,400). Lots of KFCs have closed following PETA protests. I know PETA has campaigned against many other companies in the past and won, and it sounds like they will win this one too (apparently their anti-KFC activist network grew 245% last year). I would be willing to invest in this company after the campaign is over (looks like it costs the company only about 2 cents per meal to implement the technology PETA wants, and ROI would be reached very soon) but until then I am staying away from YUM! stock.


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    The episode of CSI the other night had a story line with this exact chicken thing in it. Had video off the website linked above but changed the name of fast food chain.

    Even the story writers are getting in on it.


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