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    Default Credit Card Transfers


    With all the credit card gossip im hearing at the moment,does anyone know if its possible to continually transfer credit card debt?

    In our case we are looking at IP renovations and can see that all the major players (banks) are offering low rates for the 1st six months. Say we start off with Westpac, could we then go back to them at a later date to enjoy their offerings of low fee's again, once we have flicked from one bank to the other? I guess simply by crossing the street to another bank, we are theoretically saving $$ in interest.........as long as we remember to cross the street again within 6 months!!


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    I think warehouse visa has 3.95% at the moment but expires 31 March.

    So we'll never know what the interest rate when you go to a different bank in 6 months. Maybe 18%.....

    Revalue the property and get some equity out to pay off credit card cebt if the interest rates are that high.

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    Popoi yes generally you can. Most of the time there is at least one company offering low interest if you transfer your current card balance to them. I do not know if you get locked in for a fixed period though
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    Cheers both of you

    Hey Dean, I'm keen to attend the lease options course next week but cant seem to get the link to work on the left of this screen?? Can you redirect me pleez?


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    This is a Richmastery event. You can book at http://www.richmastery.com/shop/prod...aseoptions.htm

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    cooool see you there


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