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  • Bobsyouruncle
    started a topic The next USA problem

    The next USA problem

    As Trump continues to prove himself to be competent and relatively honest we are going to see the left truly unravel.

    Great article on this HERE

    "A civil war has begun.This civil war is very different than the last one. There are no cannons or cavalry charges. The left...
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  • elisten
    started a topic Home Designs Tips
    in USA

    Home Designs Tips

    Hey folks.
    I need to make some changes in my bedroom.
    But i am tight over budget. I have really a small budget. My bedroom is looking like a fixer upper now !
    So i thought i will be making some artistic work myself in my bedroom.
    Any tips, helpful links ?
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  • richlocke
    started a topic USA Investment fact or fiction

    USA Investment fact or fiction

    I notice there is a big push by marketing companies to invest in US properties. This has been of interest to me for the past 5 years and I have attended many seminars and spoken at length with consultants. As an investor in Qld Australia and being successful in the past by using lending to leverage...
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  • Any Aussie Memphis investors out there?

    Hi Guys

    I attended a property seminar over the weekend in N.Z at which a presentation was given by a U.S company based in Memphis are selling properties cheaply to foreign investors.

    The company currently do not have any clients here in NZ but the presenter mentioned to me...
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  • Bring your Investment Money to America?

    Apparently the latest market idea from RM is going to be bringing Kiwis to buy cheap homes in America (especially in California) at mortgagee or foreclosure auctions. There is just a couple of small problems with this model.

    In mid 2007 FASB and US-SEC changed revenue recognition rules...
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