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  • storm water and sewer connections

    hi all,

    just wondering if anyone has an idea of a budgeting number for 2 storm water and sewer connections on a site that has easy access the connections are directly on site. they are about 1200mm deep.

    any thoughts appreciated.

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  • Stiches
    started a topic Stormwater Query

    Stormwater Query

    Hi all, we built an large seperate garage back in 2004 and have found afetr requesting a LIM that it was never signed off for a CCC. To make a long story short the footings on the reataining wall that the gargae sits on were never signed off. We have had the original engineer re-vist the site and submit...
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  • What to do about stormwater issue?

    On my neighbour's property is the exit point of an underground stormwater concrete pipe culvert. Below the exit is a pool of water, which then narrows into a stream/open watercourse and runs alongside his house. The stream continues on alongside my house then past a vacant lot, then enters another underground...
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  • Obtaining Neighbour consents for stormwater pipe connection

    Hi folks,

    I am researching to build a minor dwelling before UP kicks in.

    Unfortunately the main house does not have stormwater pipes as it was built in 1962.

    The closest public stormwater pipe (150mm) available is the one across my neighbours (A and B) as you can...
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  • Stormwater discharge to kerb - advice needed!


    I'm working on the final stormwater plans for my 2 lot development and discharge to kerb (via detention tank) is the only suitable option available. Auckland Council perfer stormwater discharge to kerb to go through into a reticulated system, however.

    Has anyone got...
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