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  • Selling a property at auction, buyers wants to do Meth testing


    We are selling our rental property in a good part of Christchurch at auction, and one of the buyers wants to do meth testing for the house (At their cost) as advised by their lawyer apparently.

    I think it's highly unlikely that any of the tenants would be smoking methamphetamines,...
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  • rajnz
    started a topic Advice for Selling Property

    Advice for Selling Property

    In 2013 I bought what I think was the last cheap house in Auckland. It was in Pukekohe, with 1257 sq m of land attached to it and am renting it out for 400 pw. I subsequently bought 3 houses in Hawkes Bay and am getting 210 pw from each. Last year I bought another house in Northland which is rented...
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  • saleemn
    started a topic Selling Rental to LTC

    Selling Rental to LTC

    Have a situation. Have 2 properties. One owner occupied and one rental both on personal name. Converted the owner occupied in to a rental and sold both the properties to LTC at market price. Bought a third one for owner occupied.

    Will this be ok with IRD when we claim interest for the two...
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