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  • LeanneS
    started a topic Mortgage for low income tenant

    Mortgage for low income tenant

    I am speaking with a tenant who is keen to buy the house they are renting. They have pretty low income but the landlord is somewhat flexible.

    Does anyone here know of a mortgage broker who specialises in low income mortgages?...
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  • Selling house via lease option/rent to buy

    We have a house in Tauranga that we are looking to sell.

    We are considering selling rent to buy but there is little information surrounding it. How do we find out more about it? Who do we talk to?
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  • TroyB
    started a topic Are lease options still legal?

    Are lease options still legal?

    Hi Guys, I have a tenant who may be interested in a rent to buy situation. I've heard of lease options, but have no idea of how they work (yet), or more importantly, if it's still possible to do one.

    If they are still legal, advice I've received is to use a lawyer skilled in this area...
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  • tgarratt
    started a topic Rent to Buy Tax structure

    Rent to Buy Tax structure

    Hi i would like to ask any person that has experience with rent to buy and the best approach to set this up for tax purposes.
    Currently we have a property worth approx $60k mortgage free under a LAQC which is part of our property portfolio.
    With the recent current law changes in NZ, what...
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  • mudwiggle
    started a topic Lease option

    Lease option

    Hi everyone,

    Long time listener, first time caller...

    I have an average investment property in an average suburb in Auckland (and I live in Sydney). I'm vaguely considering selling to get at my 70K or so equity and move into some more active PI in Australia.
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