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  • risp
    started a topic rent increase regulation query

    rent increase regulation query

    A 2 yr FTT agreement includes provision for rent increase and it is proposed to increase the rent in the last 6 months of that tenancy, from $375pw to $395pw.

    At the end of that tenancy, it is proposed to offer the same tenant a new FTT. It’s also proposed that the new FTT rent will be...
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  • Notice of increased rent and payment in advance

    Is a notice of increased rent required 60 days before the payment of the increased rate is due, or 60 days before the rent period the increased rate applies to? If a tenant is paying 2 weeks in advance, do they get 60 days notice before needing to pay the increased rate, or do they get 60 days less...
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  • donna
    started a topic Rent increase - how much is too much?

    Rent increase - how much is too much?

    Hi All,

    Landlords have one crack at it every year. If the tenant accepts your rent increase but leaves after a month you're stuck with the rate for the next 11 months (is my understanding of the new rules). Therefore getting the increase amount just right is challenging - if you want...
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  • Taking over existing tenancy - can I increase the rent?

    Hi there,

    I have just bought a rental property and have agreed to retain the existing tenants. the Tenancy services website states that you cannot increase rent within 180 days of starting a new tenancy, but does this still apply in my stituation? The current rent is below market, and I'm...
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  • Big opportunities for landlords united

    RTA changes and Health & Safety regulations rolling in like an unstoppable train and it would be unwise for LLs stopping at the railway crossing. We’ve completed all rental upgrades and know about the non-rent-deductable and related costs, to be capitalized, and the increased expenses for...
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  • Neo
    started a topic Rent increase based on improvements

    Rent increase based on improvements

    My husband and I added on a bedroom and large walk n robe to our existing rental ( which was a large 1 bedroom). We added extra space and did not reduce existing.
    Rent increase was discussed months ago along with builders hours etc with the tenant.
    We also added new carpet throughout...
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  • Rent increase letter challenged by tenants

    Hi all,

    Any suggestions how you would respond to this would be appreciated :-) :

    Recently I sent the tenants of one of my Auckland houses a rent increase letter advising the rent would increase in 60 days time to the market rent (Dept Building website market rents) level...
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  • Rates increases - passing on to tenants

    Hi there
    I have just received my 2015/16 rates bill and the rates have increased on my rental by $1,200.

    What is the general view - are landlords going to pass all of this cost onto tenants or some? How often do you as landlords implement rent increases?

    I am horrified...
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  • klauster
    started a topic How to justify rent?

    How to justify rent?

    A while ago I had to justify a disputed rent increase by the exact amount of increased rates, levies, insurance, etc over the last 12 months. The crucial question was – why should a tenant accept a higher rent to cover his (the landlord’s) expenses?
    Exactly that is the point – why would he pay...
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  • plum
    started a topic How much to increase the rent by?

    How much to increase the rent by?

    Hi all, I'm hoping someone a bit more experienced than me can help please. I own a 3bdrm average quality villa in central Auckland managed by a property manager. It has been rented for $500 a week to four tenants who moved in Sept 10. (Just before it was rented, another property manager of a different...
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