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  • storm water and sewer connections

    hi all,

    just wondering if anyone has an idea of a budgeting number for 2 storm water and sewer connections on a site that has easy access the connections are directly on site. they are about 1200mm deep.

    any thoughts appreciated.

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  • Average Purchased Price of Bedrooms Per Cities in the USA

    Hi everyone. I am a newbie with real estate investing and my client wants me to find the average purchased price of 1 BR and 3 BR apartment per US city as it would be used to find the most profitable city wherein he can invest. Would anyone care to share their thoughts and knowledge about it? Thank...
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  • What’s happening out there!

    Just curious, is anyone having any success with low offers being accepted at the moment. What is the general expectation in the Auckland market at the moment? I have put in a few offers lately at 10% below CV but nothing signed up yet. I feel it’s only a matter of time, so what are you seeing...
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  • Cody Kinzett
    started a topic Biggest concerns when buying a house?

    Biggest concerns when buying a house?


    As someones who is looking to invest in the housing market I was wondering what everyone's concerns were when buying a house?! Apart from the whole financial risk part with mortgage payments etc, are you at all concerned about the price you're paying?! How do you find a price that...
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