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  • How to maintain weatherside cladding

    We have weatherside cladding in our property. Cladding is fine , there are no damages till now. Previous owners of the property have maintained it well. How do we maintain it going forward. We have been told that we need to maintain the paint but We are not sure how frequently we need to paint it. Should...
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  • Cleaning lichen from long run Roof

    Need to engage a someone to clean the roof which has quite a bit of lichen on it, but first am seeking some advice on this forum about the process I should agree to. Is there a preferred method? I see some info on certain sprays and chemicals being used, but are they bad for the roof in the long term....
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  • Is Urba Residences (Auckland) cold in winter?

    Hi! Anyone knows if the ventilation system is still constantly exchanging cold air from outside and make the apartments cold in winter? v interested in this complex but just saw this on google review from years ago.. not sure if it's fixable?
    please help thanks
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  • Fixing a patch in hardwood from Doggy claws? :-)

    I have a property that I use to live in, when I got my puppy, being a strong little might, she managed to put little dents in the wood varnish with her filed/flattened claws and I have a patch near the door she would scratch at to be released outside.

    I havnt lacquered a hardwood floor...
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  • Question - Cost incurred in prepping a rental for sale

    I know that costs incurred soon after buying are capitalised but is the reverse true? Currently tidying up a rental for sale - maintenance, (part) redec in and out, general flossying up - and am assuming costs can be expensed. Is that correct?

    Also I realise that costs in the year of...
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  • may90
    started a topic Tenant Just Ignored Any Contact by Me

    Tenant Just Ignored Any Contact by Me

    The Tenant has pretty much got the whole living area carpet with pinky stains and one wall drawn with some randomly stuff by one of the kids.

    After inspection, they agreed to get the carpet cleaned and wall fixed themselves. This is dragged along for a month and finally they rented a rug...
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  • MamaBear
    started a topic ROW Tree maintenance issue

    ROW Tree maintenance issue

    Senario ;

    Property A has owned driveway and area for 6 years.
    Property B has ROA along driveway to access their house and bought 3 years ago. Previous owner subdivided both A and B properties and both A and previous owner sharde maintenance of driveway etc.

    A maintains...
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  • Ring fencing to hurt property maintenance businesses

    Hi All,

    Has anyone thought about doing the maintenance of their IPs instead of using suppliers due to the ring fencing rule? We know ring fencing is coming in and likely to be backdated to April 19, so I see landlords questioning why they should incur the costs of outsourcing maintenance...
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  • BlueSky
    started a topic Cladding Stigma

    Cladding Stigma

    James Hardi Monotech cladding -- on 2nd story house Fletcher . code of compliance issued 2004/5 -dont have the consent drawings and see if it was installed over a drained and vented cavity but there is a gap where you can slide your fingers.

    House painted every 7 years so due for another...
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  • donna
    started a topic PropertyTalk Maintenance Outage

    PropertyTalk Maintenance Outage

    Hi All,

    We'll be performing maintenance soon and the forums will be offline for a couple of hours at most.

    I haven't an exact time for you - it depends on when the techie can do it.


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  • mayworkz
    started a topic Repair and maintenance

    Repair and maintenance

    We had a burst pipe last week and I’m organizing replacement of the existing original polybytelen pipework to toilet, basin, shower over bath, laundry, hose tap and hot water cylinder which means opening up floors and walls to gain access to pipe replacement.

    Water damaged floor boards...
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  • Cfreak
    started a topic Low water pressure fix

    Low water pressure fix

    Hi everyone, I purchased a property in Okaihau Northland. The town runs a mains system but my water pressure is very low (a 2 lt jug takes around 25 seconds to fill) so I'm thinking of putting an external tank hooked to the main and water pump in to boost the pressure. Will this have any affect on my...
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  • No Idea
    started a topic Building Consent Required?

    Building Consent Required?

    I have a question about when a building consent is required. I have a 1960's property where the south side weatherboards need replacing. Some of the weatherboards have been taken off and some of the framing is also rotten. Some rot has also been found in one of the joists. At what stage...
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  • SimonB
    started a topic Topliss Shower head removal?

    Topliss Shower head removal?

    Hi - I am keen to remove this Topliss standard showerhead from one of my properties to replace it with a male standard fitting.

    Enter "https:" first, then "//drive.google.com/file/d/0ByByScxIuLjhN0h5Zks1R1REZG8/view?usp=sharing"

    Has anyone done this? It...
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  • Nice
    started a topic Trees and Roots ?

    Trees and Roots ?

    Reasonably well known point that if tree branches are crossing the boundary and creating a nuisance, then one is allowed to cut them off and return them to the owner. Obviously such actions should always be preceded by discussion wherever possible.

    What happens with this issue below ground...
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