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  • Dumbledore
    started a topic Carpet issues

    Carpet issues

    This photo was taken 6 months ago before first tenant moved in. 2 weeks ago, the bathroom flooded and the carpet became detached from the side along with smooth edge. Tenant tried to dry carpet by rubbing vigorously with sponge and running hair drier - that is how smooth edge came detached from floor....
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    Last edited by Dumbledore; 22-10-2018, 12:47 PM. Reason: adding photo

  • What to do about stormwater issue?

    On my neighbour's property is the exit point of an underground stormwater concrete pipe culvert. Below the exit is a pool of water, which then narrows into a stream/open watercourse and runs alongside his house. The stream continues on alongside my house then past a vacant lot, then enters another underground...
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  • Recommendation for landlords rights from tenants visitors and other issues.

    There is a person on the neighbourly site who has this question. I mentioned this webpage but they can’t seem to get onto it despite registering. Anyway this is the question they have:

    Posting on behalf of friends who are Landlords-in-Absenteeism asked me on their behalf if anyone...
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  • Jonohello
    started a topic Boarder issues

    Boarder issues

    Hi all,
    I have quite an unusual situation. I am currently living in a home I own, with some boarders. One of the boarders has been causing issues and we've given him notice to move out (3 weeks).

    Long story short he became more and more irrational over time and we found out he has...
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  • Live-in landlord needs advice with flatmate issue

    Greetings everyone.

    I rent out spare rooms in my house where I also live, and a young guy moved in earlier in the year and regularly does little things that erode my trust. Nothing particularly serious (details to come) but basically, I don't like living with someone whose attitude shows...
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    Last edited by TheTinMan; 13-08-2017, 11:48 PM.