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  • FJW
    started a topic Hope this is not a stupid question :)

    Hope this is not a stupid question :)

    Hi All,

    I'm trying to change the email that is attached to this account but can't seem to find where I amend it?

    Any help would be great....

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  • hawkeye
    started a topic How to get on to this site

    How to get on to this site

    Hi, I am a member but I have just recommended to another person to join and they are having trouble registering. I joined years ago and the webpage is quite different now. Is there a contact email address they can access to have their questions answered on what they are doing wrong that doesn’t involve...
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  • Marcus
    started a topic PIA Forum Gudelines.

    PIA Forum Gudelines.

    The Property Investors Association (PIA) forum provides a localised, topic specific area, that Associations may use to notify members (or prospective members) of up and coming monthly meetings, along with any questions or discussion relating to these.

    Threads promoting "Seminars"...
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    Last edited by Marcus; 02-11-2007, 01:05 AM.

  • Ivanhoe
    started a topic Search for short words?

    Search for short words?

    G'day Donna, Marc, Sarahk!
    Can you please fine a way solve this issue: forum does not allow to search for short words, like GST IRD TAX etc giving an error:
    The following words are either very common, too long, or too short and were not included in your search : gst

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  • Marc
    started a topic How do I Send a Private Message?

    How do I Send a Private Message?

    How do I send a Private Message?

    First of all - what is a Private Message?

    The PropertyTalk.com community forums provide a message system that allows you to send messages to other registered forum members.

    The message you send is private in that it can only...
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