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  • crashy
    started a topic 90 day tenancy

    90 day tenancy

    I used search but couldn't find much.

    I want to do a 90 day tenancy, but it seems that if the tenant doesn't move out on day 90 it becomes a normal tenancy. How do you avoid this trap? How do you guarantee that the tenants are out on day 90?
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  • Subtenant wants to break fixed term contract

    Hi there,

    I am the head tenant in a flat of five people. I have a fixed term contract with the landlord for 12 months finishing in Feb while the other people in the flat have a contract with me for the same fixed term. Now two of them want to break this contract and leave.

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  • Prematurely terminating my fix-term lease -concerns & questions

    Recently I discovered that my job here in NZ is being made redundant in the new year, there are no employment opportunities here for me to pursue currently and I've had no choice but to pack up at move back home to AU.

    I'm concerned that if I can't find a new tenant to take over the...
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  • AndrewK
    started a topic Fixed Term Leases

    Fixed Term Leases

    A property we are looking at purchasing currently has a fixed term lease through one of the local property maagers down here. If i were to buy the house do I have to keep this property manager on or can I move the tenancy to a new property manager or manage myself?

    Any help would be greatly...
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