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  • Frezzinghot
    started a topic Costco comes to Drury

    Costco comes to Drury

    Looks like Costco is coming to drury! Along with Kiwi property groups new mall, drury and surrounding set to go off! Glad I hung onto property in Papakura. Yee hoo!!!
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  • Property developing - how to raise the cash to get started

    My boyfriend has just left his job for personal reasons - he was an engineer working in the building industry. We're ideally placed to do property development - I've done a couple already as a kind of hobby and he's got lots of skills like plastering, plumbing, knowing building regs inside out, joinery....
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  • Quick poll on residential investor intent

    Buy new builds only
    Buy mix of old and new
    Buy old stock only
    Sell down current portfolio
    Develop existing portfolio (minor dwelling/duplex/multi-unit)
    Lease to social housing
    Wait and see
    Wondering what the general appetite is out there for property investors - as the perfect storm of higher interest rates, loss of deductibility and rising costs etc all converge.

    In the next year or three, what are your plans?
    (Can choose multiple)

    Feel free to suggest...
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  • Have some developers missed the boat?

    Lots of recently finished high density housing just hitting (or about to hit) the market.

    Yet some developers have yet to start building on land they paid inflated prices for.

    Supply issues, money becoming more expensive ...Holding costs going up each day....
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  • DIY subdivision Auckland. Possible?

    Hi all Quick run down looking to subdivide some land in Auckland iv got 3 bedroom house on the front of the section and a two bedroom house on the back. Each has its own Driveway,water-meters and power. Sites 620m2 on mixed housing urban zoning. Seems straight forward what would be the next step in...
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  • I'm the Emptor in this scenario. Development.

    Is there someone who is willing to talk me through the back-of-the-envelope calculations on site clearing and developing?
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  • Capital fund suggestion and loan help

    Hey Everyone, new to the group
    But I was wondering if someone can help me with one

    I currently am tenanted investment property and owner occupied, 2nd investment propert is almost ready and settlement in about 3 weeks time

    I was talking to one of my mates regarding...
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  • Waste/storm water connection from neighbour

    The neighbour is looking to subdivide and develop their property and needs to connect to the pipe on our property, is it reasonable to ask them to cover any expenses we might incur to get expert advice, e.g. legal, drain layer, etc? We are looking to subdivide at some point and would hate for what they...
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  • Neighbour building extended sun house

    Hi everyone

    Long time lurker, but I just have a question which I thought was best to be asked here.

    Our family home is a flat that is on a cross-lease property.

    This week is has come to our attention that the adjoining flat on this property is looking to...
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  • Finding an agent for a Sth Auckland property ready for development

    Hi There,

    I’m wondering if anyone can recomend a real estate agent with strong coverage across South Auckland who has strong relationships with developers.

    I’ve got a large property in Manurewa of 1700 square metres (mixed housing urban zone) with a...
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  • David Seymour voices what we always thought the well to do class believed

    Dispute over proposed Epsom complex boils over

    A stoush over a proposed Housing New Zealand complex in an upmarket Auckland suburb shows no sign of being resolved, with the Epsom MP doubling down on his contentious remarks.

    ACT Party leader David Seymour sent a letter to locals...
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  • HattrickNZ
    started a topic Schedule Of Condition Survey

    Schedule Of Condition Survey

    Hi all, it's been a while since I posted on here.

    There is a development happening near my house and I have been asked to grant permission for a complete schedule of condition survey of my house.
    This will not cost me anything and will be paid for by the development company....
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  • anne123
    started a topic Tiny house

    Tiny house

    I have a section with a house on it already that I rent out. The section is big enough to put on another house, but the cost of doing this makes it uneconomic. I am considering putting on a tiny house, which would mean no council requirements need to be met. They come fully self-contained with solar...
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  • saleemn
    started a topic Cost Associated with Sub Division

    Cost Associated with Sub Division


    While doing a sub division and new build in a rental property, if some cost is incurred in the exiting rental property is it considered as the development cost of the new build or repairs and maintenance of the exiting rental. For instance the existing access to the current rental is...
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  • Anomaly14
    started a topic Development next door

    Development next door

    Hi. Hope someone can give advice.
    The property next to mine is about to come on the market. It is derelict and I imagine will be torn down.
    I am concerned that a property developer may build a 2-storey (or more) apartment building.
    This would block off all my sun, and I am dreading...
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