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    clawback & Specified price

    Anything is subject to clawback if it has increased in value. It is very very very difficult to prove that chattels increase in value. The building component does generally increase over a long...
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    Chattels depreciation the benefits

    In the past some accountants have suggested that you do not bother getting a split of your purchase price into all of the different IRD categories (Chattels Valuation) There was a couple of reasons...
  3. I agree fully, 5 - 10% in the current market plus...

    I agree fully, 5 - 10% in the current market plus the budget changes is not at all excessive. property is a very volatile market we just don't review the values daily.
  4. 20% loading

    It is important to understand why the loading was introduced. It had nothing to do with property at all. It was to offer an incentive to business to invest in new plant and equipment to stimulate...
  5. Property is a topsy turby market

    5 - 10% on the back of a budget announcement that is aimed at reducing investment n property is nothing! This happens constantly in shares etc, and in fact in property also, it's just that we don't...
  6. Depreciation changes - not all bad, pretty good!

    I have had a long day, sitting this morning drinking coffee contemplating, budget, interviews, webinars and now answering questions.

    The depreciation changes are the best we could have hoped...
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