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  1. Pay off mortgage or put in term deposit

    Weve just sold an Auckland property and settlement is in 2 weeks. We will walk away with approx 200k.

    We have a rental property (two bedroom unit) in my wifes name only in Tauranga value circa...
  2. Buying house to live in but renting it out first

    We invision ourselves moving across town to get into a better school zone in around 4-5 years time.

    We are in a position to buy a second house now so are thinking of just buying a house now for...
  3. Ok that all makes sense. Yes it is possible...

    Ok that all makes sense.

    Yes it is possible to buy blocks on 8 units. Look up trademe listings. Property type = units, bedrooms = 6+ and a few come up in Christchurch and Wellington worth looking...
  4. If you are mid 40s and earn 120k Id be asking...

    If you are mid 40s and earn 120k Id be asking myself where all that money is flowing to? Are you single or do you have a spouse and kids? You could be living a pretty good life for 40k a year and be...
  5. Best tax structure starting from scratch

    If you were going to start from scratch, how would you structure your investments?

    Lets say currently you and your significant other have no structures in place and what you aim to do is buy your...
  6. What sort of deal adds 50-70% value?

    What sort of deal adds 50-70% value?
  7. Why did you sell if the cashflow was good? ...

    Why did you sell if the cashflow was good?

    What was the address if you don't mind me asking?
  8. Thinking out of the box for cashflow

    Looking back through old books, articles and posts, it seems 10 years ago all one had to do for yield was buy a property in a main centre, a bit run down and then do a renovation and build a fence...
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    Bright Line Test and Tax

    If we buy a home, live in it and renovate it, spending 12+ months and several thousand dollars and then sell it, is it tax free capital gains?

    I've read IRD determine what your intention was when...
  10. Commercial Property vs Blocks of Units

    I went to a property investor association meeting last night about commercial property and the benefits as well as the downsides of it all.

    I've hence spent around 2 hours on trademe looking for...
  11. Stick to buy and hold or start trading?

    Buy and hold of centrally located properties has been our strategy for close to the past decade.

    We have amassed two rentals and our own home. Circa 2 million valuation.

    We now have two kids...
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    Finance for trading

    After renovating a few of our buy and holds successfully adding value to them my wife and I are looking to get into trading to supplement our income.

    Do we just approach regular banks for this and...
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    Neutral/slightly negative on Auckland. Neutral on...

    Neutral/slightly negative on Auckland. Neutral on Tauranga.
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    House in a city, Tauranga, Napier, New Plymouth...

    House in a city, Tauranga, Napier, New Plymouth for example. Are planning to do road trips over the winter/spring to decide.

    I will work full time, she would ideally be a stay at home mother.
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    Keeping a foot in the Auckland Market

    My wife and I are looking to move out of Auckland for a better lifestyle and slower pace of life. We are early 30's, with a family in the pipeline over the next few years.

    We own one rental in...
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    Age Prejudice Real Estate Agent

    In your opinion is there an age prejudice amongst real estate sales people?

    i.e. would you not trust a late 20's, early 30's real estate agent with your million dollar property to sell and would...
  17. Annual General Meeting for LTC- Dinner out with Wife, Legitimate Business Expense?

    I have one property in an LTC.

    Is taking my partner and business consultants (my parents) out for dinner for an 'annual general meeting' a legitimate business expense once a year? Or is this a big...
  18. Do I just approach the bank (ANZ in my case) and...

    Do I just approach the bank (ANZ in my case) and ask if this is possible?
  19. How does this work in practice?

    How does this work in practice?
  20. Selling LTC Property to Myself vs Moving into LTC Property to Live Myself

    I own a rental property in an LTC. I'm the sole owner and director. My fiance also owns a rental property but in her own name.

    My fiance and I live currently in a flatting situation but we want...
  21. Slow and Steady Buy and Hold- Tell me your Story

    Tell me your case study of buying and holding property.

    The only stories people share are ones where they buy 10 properties in 12 months, which personally for our circumstances we find it near...
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    Why not keep both the rental properties and then...

    Why not keep both the rental properties and then rent yourself elsewhere?
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    Processing Time for IR3 Through IRD

    This is the first year I've owned a rental property and had tax losses.

    What is the timeframe for IRD to process the IR3?

    My accountant put the completed forms in with them about 6 weeks ago...
  24. Yields in Hamilton Today vs 2009/2010

    What sort of yields are people getting for properties around the city fringes in nicer suburbs in Hamilton today vs 5 years ago?

    Today looks around 4-5% from what I can see.
  25. Switching from Interest Only to P&I Mid Term

    I've fixed some loans for several years, they have 2, 3 and 4 years left on their term.

    I want to change them over to P&I loans. Can I do this now or do I have to wait until their fixed term is up?
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