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  1. Floods in Bulgaria

    The majority of Bulgarians DO NOT have a home insurance policy against fire,floods etc. as home insurance is something fairly new in Bulgaria and mostly being purchased by foreign property owners.
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    property management companies are charging trough...

    property management companies are charging trough the nose.
    and are not really nessecarly if you only rent out your property 2-3 months a year.
    if you have a few properties you might aswell employ...
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    Romania is starting to get a lot of interest as...

    Romania is starting to get a lot of interest as well of property investors.
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    Buying property in Bulgaria: DO's and DONT's

    You're right,for some people it might seem an enormous task to get all the paperwork sorted out and so,but once you now what you need and where to get it and what to get it is fairly straight forward.
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    Sofia Property

    Well it all depends where you buy your property,most property is bought in Sofia,Bansko,Pamporovo and around the Black Sea.Sofia property is a definite winner.
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    Property investments in Bulgaria

    Yes ,Bulgaria is a very good place to invest in property.The prices are cheap and in the last year some area's have seen increases up to 30%.
    Sofia,the capital,Bansko,Pamporovo and the Black Sea...
  7. Power of attourney

    The POA is another thing people should be wary about.Personally i try not to give out any POA's .
    If you really need to give one,make one up by your sollicitor and get it stamped by a notary with...
  8. Buying Property in Bulgaria,notary and translations

    You are right,the whole process of buying property in Bulgaria can be very tricky.I had a look at your site but i would like to point out that in your section about contracts and notary's you...
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