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  1. shazsays
    Hi everyone

    I'm Sharon, the creator of Head Space.

    In the interest of full disclosure I want to say that, for reasons that are inappropriate to go into here, I have so far been only mildly successful generating wealth from property. Therefore I'm certainly not the goto gal for investment advice.

    However, I do believe that property investment is one of the easiest, surefire ways of making money (here in Australia anyway). And because you are on this PropertyTalk forum you are probably interested in making money from property too.

    My goal with this group is to help ensure members don't make property investment decisions based on fear and uncertainty. Decisions based on fear and uncertainty will almost always ensure you purchase ZERO investment properties thereby ensuring you'll be cursing yourself 10 years down the track.

    Anyway, jump on board. Let's offer each other support and inspiration in this wealth creation journey.
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