1- Be aware of the free or low priced seminar. Attend with an open mind, Usually these are just a teaser for a more expensive product or event. The presenter gets you into a state of mind (NLP) at the end and you are encouraged to purchase an expensive item you may not normally do so.

2- Ensure if you do sign up for anything they have a quality cooling down period should you change your mind in the days to follow. In some countries law states that these are compulsary now.

3- Research the company and presenter or get independant advice before attending. This is where PropertyTalk is good.

4- Do they offer money back guarantees that are realistic? Check the fine print and requirements on the guarantee. Some have specific guidelines you have to follow before you are eligible for a refund. The majority of people may fall outside these and simply may not be able to get a refund should they have a problem at a later date.

5. Find someone who has been to the seminar previously and establish that you will learn the stuff you want to learn.

6. Make a promise to yourself that you will not commit to purchasing an OTP (off the plan) property at a Seminar - unless you have prior experience in property investment and know the local investment market of the development including location etc.

7-When doing your research ensure that the systems taught they actually use themselves. What I mean is:
*Have they been actively using these techniques ? Not just a couple of times. This will show it is a proven system.
*In NZ or an approriate market to which you will use it? No point learning a system which is not approriate or proven for your country or position in the property cycle. Eg rule 6. OTP buildings are appropriate in the property cycle for booms and not leading into a slump.
*It's the difference between speaking from experience and speaking about experience - usually others. Always reminds me of ye olde spoof:
Why don't you take my advice? I'm not using it!

8-If it is an high end presentation, Do they allow you to re- attend at a later date for free or at a heavily reduced price? Some information packed presentations are often intense on the brain. This will allow you time to go over and digest the information for several months. Then put the process into practice and Re-attend. You will always pick up different things the second time around having being in the market place and doing it.

9. Is the $3995.00 + GST seminar purely a live presentation of the presenter's $39.95 book? Would you be better off investing in $3995.00 + GST of investment/personal development books & CD's/DVD's of the live events?

10. Is it purely an educational event or more of a networking day/weekend for the presenter and his associates. Will the line up of lawyer, accountant, valuer, property manager, lender, insurance broker & development specialist really add value to your education or are they really there to act as fillers for the two day weekend? Are each of these speakers well known practitioners or purely part of the travelling road show?

11. Perhaps little self analysis as well. Are you prepared to take action after the seminar? If this is your fourth or even tenth seminar on property investing and you haven't bought a property, perhaps a self development course is needed instead, to identify and help remove the barriers preventing action.