Hi Guys

Have reposted Ron's painting scheme here as it won't disappear so quickly from the radar screen.

Hi Forumites

It me Ron

I actually buy all my paints from "Coating Technologies Ltd" 16 Aetna Place, Henderson. Phone (09)8370897.

They are a paint factory supplying trades people and dont normally supply off the street. However if you say that you are a close friend of Ron Hoy Fong and belong to the same Property Talk Club they will supply you direct at the trade price. (Please pay by cash, eftpos, or credit card on the spot, and avoid openning a charge account, even if offered, a few bad apples can spoil it for the rest)

I refer to resenes because I use their color range of Sisal which is more greyish green, whereas the Dulux color of sisal is a more brown shade.

To be honest I never really knew whose color Stonington beige belonged to but I have had it mixed in many places.

The color I use for the exterior is Stonington Beige for the general exterior together with Quarter Spainish White around the guttering, eves, cills, and door frames. The two blend in together like yin and yan. If the house is very high I suggest balancing it by make the base also quarter spanish white.

Dont use hi-gloss because it shows up the imperfections. Much better to use a "Low Sheen" or at most "Semi Gloss"

Using a small pot of Triple Stonnington Biege or a Dark color on the Front Door would give it a nice balance. Alternatively paint it with Burnt Umber if you have been following my inside colors to save buying extra paint.

The team at Coating Technologies Ltd (COTEC) are experts in all types of paint. They will mix any competitors colors. If you let them know what you are painting they will advise whats best. However the paint is not mixed on the spot. I usually ring my order through in the morning, then follow by fax to confirm the order, and later collect and pay the order in the afernoon.

Cotec open Sat morn except long weekends.

Cheers Ron