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  • Lawn care advise

    Hi guys,

    I am extremely fascinated by the look of a beautiful lawn (luscious green grass) and have always wished to have the same at my property. I have interited a not so good looking lawn (patches here and there) from previous property owner- now looking to improve lawn health/look. Located in West Auckland, lawn areas get good amount of sun.

    Can you please give tips/advise of how to improve lawn care to achieve that luscious looking green lawn? Best type of lawn seed to plant?

    Many Thanks!

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    There are so many aspects to a reasonably comprehensive answer.

    Are the 'patches' you mention the lawn? Or where there is no lawn?

    Do you know the soil pH? Have you had a soil test? (You may not need one.)

    Can you water adequately? Is your water supply metered? (You may not care if you want a lush lawn strongly enough.)

    Most good lawns are made into bad ones by the lawn mower cutting height being set too low.

    I'll send you a PM. You may not be able to reply until you have ten posts. (I can never remember the actual number.)