New Links for Spreadsheets

When the website was hacked unfortunately part of the vulnerability turned out to be the area where things like the spreadsheets were hosted, so they were removed.

I've gathered up the spreadsheets I had (which wasn't all of them) and have hosted them off site so they shouldn't now pose a security threat to propertytalk. I've also got copies of Whitt's helpful advice on a couple of topics.

Where I still have the emails etc I've tried to give credit where it is due, my apologies though if these are incorrect, the trail is a little cold.

If anyone else has any other spreadsheets or other resources they would like to share if they could email them to me at [email protected] that would be grand.

Simple Cashflow calculator
By Tricky

NPV Calculator

By Roseneath Rat

Property Evaluation
By Pipple21

Property Purchase Sheet
By Monid

Statement of Position

By MarryK

These are all from Whitt
Seminar tips

Pre Tenancy
Investment Property Tips

Thanks once again to everyone who shared these.